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 Testing System!!!

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Bruce Lee

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PostSubject: Testing System!!!   Mon May 27, 2013 12:52 am

General Introduction :
[color=darkcyan]In here when you enter you will get a enter test , where you are place in one of the dorm , there is no test to get in armityle you need to prove that you deserve to be there by wining a big event or a league in the academy.

Banned Decks : Unlike other academy's we give you the complete choice of which decks should be used, so it's up to you to choose a deck that best suits your dueling style.

Banned Cards : Again there are no card limitations so it is totally up to you on what cards you use.

First Match (DNCG, Match Format):

Deck Construction: x/5
Grade this strictly, a 5/5 should be reserved for a deck that works efficiently, can compete on a high level, and has some sort of originality; even a high-tier deck can get a 5/5 here if it is innovative

Knowledge/Skill: x/20
Take into account their application of game mechanics, card rulings, and knowledge of the game as a whole; also factor any misplays they may have made. When there's a conflict between TCG and OCG rulings/mechanics, always prioritize the TCG

Siding: x/5 (Grade based on how well they sided against your deck and/or counter-sided against your sides to bolster their own strategy)

Wins: x/10
5 points per win

Total: x/40

Second Match (TCG, Match Format)

Deck Construction: x/5
Knowledge/Skill: x/20
Siding: x/5
Wins: x/10

Total: x/40


Attitude: x/5

Rulings/Mechanics Knowledge: x/15
There will be a three question rulings/mechanics quiz to be taken either before or after the dueling section. Five points awarded per correct answer.

Test Score: x/100

Dorm Placement

You will be put in Uria Red if you score 59 or lower.
You will be put in Hamon Yellow bettwen 60 and 84.
You will be put in Raviel Blue if you score 85 or higher.

If You Meet The Requirement You Can Post Your Test Request In Here Or Ask A Tester If He Is Online In The ChatBox.

If anyone has anyway we can improve our testing system then post is suggestion box and the Head Admins, Teachers and Testers will review your suggestion.
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Testing System!!!
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